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Having a background in dance and Pilates, it happened naturally that I became interested in Yoga. After taking a few classes in my local gym, the opportunity arose for me to go to India to join traveling relatives. I spent my time in Rishikesh in the north of India, a truly wonderful place. I practiced Iyengar and Shivananda Yoga every day for several hours and being in such spiritual surroundings led me to discover that yoga is more than just a physical practice of postures.

Upon returning to London, I continued to practice yoga, mainly dynamic Hatha and Asthanga Vinyasa, and took regular classes with various teachers. This eventually led me to the Life Centre teacher training course (200 hours). In June 2008 I fully qualified to teach Yoga. My journey of learning and studying continues. In April 2015 I started Jason Crandell's 300 hours advanced vinyasa yoga teacher training. Completing the course in January 2016 I am now a 500 hours qualified Yoga teacher.

For me becoming a Yoga teacher represents more than being able to teach Yoga safely and constructively. This is still only the beginning of a life-long journey on the yogic path. Deepening my own practice, evolving, discovering, growing and overcoming resistance amongst others is all part of the yogic experience.

I like to differentiate between my Pilates training and my Yoga practice, however combined with my dance background, both my Yoga and Pilates practice inform, affect and feed into each other in various ways, and so do my classes too.

Since the arrival of my two beautiful children, Yoga and Pilates have become an even more invaluable part of my life helping me to stay strong, centered, balanced and connected to my intuition whilst living everyday live and facing challenges along the way.

Being able to spread and share all aspects of yoga and to help others to improve not only their physical health, but also mental and spiritual well-being through yoga, means a lot to me. I cannot imagine my life without practicing Yoga and Pilates.

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